Dear Reader,

I am glad to see you here, in my humble online abode. I’ve started this blog in alignment with my transition. You see, I am transgender. I’m a guy who was born in a female body. But that is not the only thing that singles me out. We all can be defined by many things.

I am here to share pieces of my heart and soul, and my journey through life. And no matter who you are, I hope to inspire you to reach for your dreams as well, because this is where true happiness lies. It won’t be easy, but I can promise you it’s worth it.


From an early age I dreamed of nothing more but happiness and freedom. These are the tales of my pursuit for happiness and a different life. It all began with a decision and some courage to make the first step. My life has changed dramatically ever since.


Transforming my body plays a big part in my life. It is the physical journey to myself, but it also intertwines deeply with my emotions. Mainly because of who I am I ended up where I am now and I have learned things I wouldn’t know, if I were what society considers normal.