July 28, 2017


I wore my suit jacket for the first time. It looked great. But I was in public with a lot of people who knew me way before I started hormone replacement therapy (HRT). I felt like avoiding some of them, because my voice could be a shock to them. It’s just really weird and awkward. Social anxiety is for real, I guess.

I couldn’t sleep well. I was getting weird heat waves. Last month something similar happened, which causes me to think it might be related to the testosterone (T). I will definitely bring this up to the doctor on my next visit and see what they have to say about this. Maybe some changes are necessary.

I got called ‘bro’ when I was buying food. While it was nice, I still couldn’t shake this weird feeling of being ‘found out’, or being misgendered again suddenly. I am definitely not used to this yet.

I was still experiencing heat waves at night. It’s gotten a bit better, but still makes it difficult to fall asleep. I have also not been very hungry this week. I don’t have an appetite for most things, but I still eat enough. It’s just a bit unusual, because after my T shot I tend to turn into a food destroying machine. This time it’s different.

Overall, I’m fine. Maybe just feeling rattled a little emotionally, but that’s not related to my transition itself. I feel more confident in terms of the changes I’ve been experiencing, and I’ve been feeling more comfortable in my own body lately.

Moving forward.



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