July 14, 2017


I got misgendered at the cinema. Must be the stupid curve under my chest. I should probably get myself a different kind of binder by now, and avoid certain clothes. Losing weight would help too. It just sucks.

My voice sounded a little lower again. Also by now I was pretty sure there’s a mini period happening, but it did not require any extra precautions at least. Nevertheless, it’s been annoying.

I woke up with a sore throat. I am not sure why, but most likely because of my voice changing still. I didn’t really feel like I had a cold. It was gone later.

I started wondering if I’ve been eating too much. I was trying on some clothes that I haven’t worn for a long time. And I can’t tell if I got fatter, or what is happening. Most clothes still seem to fit as usual, but some don’t fit anymore. Since I am not thin to begin with, it’s hard to say whether I did get fatter, or maybe the fat is gathering on my belly, which is resulting in it getting bigger.

It was safe to say that the period was finally gone. It’s really difficult to even write about it. I mean, talking about it is just… I don’t know. Somehow shameful. When I first got it, I was traumatized. Even if I was taught that it’s normal and other bullshit like that. I accepted my fate eventually, but now that it’s been gone, and then suddenly appeared again, it’s unsettling. Maybe it’s just been giving its last kicks. I feel so much better when it’s gone.



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