June 30, 2017


I noticed light, but long hair on my face. Much longer than ever before. Looks like it keeps getting longer. Also my thigh has been feeling alright. Very little soreness from the testosterone (T) shot the day before.

My voice sounded different again. It’s truly becoming something else. It sounds better than ever before, and I can sing better too. I seem to have more control over my voice. It’s as if… playing with strings. Apart from that I felt an uncontrollable hunger the whole day. It seems to increase after every T shot.

I took a good look at my face in daylight. I noticed many more dark hair growing on my face. On my cheeks, chin, and mustache area. The mustache seems to be less soft than before too. And the nose hair I’ve noticed before was no imagination! It’s growing too. Dark and quite long.

I woke up with my voice sounding different yet again. It seems like it will be changing more. I just wonder how deep it will get, if this keeps going. I also had to keep clearing my throat all day.

I noticed a long hair… on my eyebrow! It wasn’t entirely unexpected, but still kind of surprising. Or maybe more funny than surprising. It’s so random. The hair is also very light, which is different from the rest of the eyebrow hair. Actually, it looks like an existing hair that grew longer. Its end is darker.

Someone commented saying they’ve noticed I’ve changed. So I guess some people notice, but usually don’t say anything. What was unexpected is that apparently I am walking different too? I didn’t notice. Maybe I just walk with more confidence as I look more and more like myself.

I woke up with a sore throat. But by the end of the day it was alright. I decided not to sing though, to spare my voice and let it rest. I’ve been singing quite a lot lately.

There was a slight soreness in my throat again. But much less. Very soon it was gone again.

Overall, it’s been a rather eventful week. With never ending surprises from my body.



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