June 16, 2017


I attended a Pride Day event. It was awesome! There were many beautiful people and plenty of delicious food. There was a discussion and a movie screening. We watched a movie called Pride (2014). It was very inspiring and moving. I would recommend to watch it.

Something else that has been happening is not so fun. I’ve been feeling hot lately, even with AC on. Almost every night. And have been noticing some very very veeeery minor blood appearances. Not something I like to mention. I mean, I never liked anything about it, so yeah…

I’ve noticed my voice dropping even more. Singing along to H.I.M. was a breeze! I’ve also noticed more hair on my face. Darker hair. Overall, I was in a great mood. Even if I got misgendered once, which always makes me wonder why. Is it the fat rolls? The chest? Both?

I woke up with a nasty headache. I decided to go to the nearby clinic to get some medicine for that. But I didn’t expect the doctor to ask about the period. I ended up lying, since I was not prepared to explain why it’s been gone for like four months already. However, it got me wondering if my weird heat problems at night might be related to that. Most likely. I remember reading something about it. I guess, I should ask around, or simply research it again.

I was staring into the mirror and not only did I notice the hair on my face, but it also seems there’s more hair inside my nose? Unless I’m dreaming. Quite likely though. It’s just one of those places I didn’t even think of in terms of hair growth. However, that is not a big surprise.

I had a closer look at my mustache. And I realized it has grown quite a bit. In general, the hair growth on my face seems to be escalating more and more. It’s exciting!

Someone at work said I wasn’t a girl. Yet ironically they are still using female pronouns. Oh well. It’s still a victory for me. I keep telling myself I should explain to people why it’s wrong, but I never get to it. One day I’ll be able to. One day I’ll turn left on my way to the bathroom.

Overall, this week was pretty fine. I’ve been getting more involved with the local LGBTQ+ community, which is helping me feel better emotionally. I am enjoying every change I notice, and I am feeling optimistic about my future.



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