June 9, 2017


I had a great time mingling with people from the LGBTQ+ community as well as their partners and allies. It felt good to be out and about among people who understand what’s up. We all agreed we should do more gatherings like these. I hope I can find the time to be more involved with the community. I guess, it’s a matter of making time. Even though my current job leaves little time for freedom.

I’ve noticed some more voice fluctuations. Which has been happening a lot lately anyways. Meanwhile, one of my coworkers refers to me using male pronouns, even if he does trip sometimes. I started wondering if others wonder why he is doing that. But nobody asked yet. At least, they didn’t ask me.

Nothing significant happened. Other than some stressful stuff at work. I’ve been out of it. Wondering what to do with my life and my future. I’m just really really tired of certain things, emotionally and physically. Feeling somewhat trapped. Anxious. I have trouble sleeping lately, or if I sleep, then I want to sleep and sleep and sleep… I hope I can get out of this situation and make my life enjoyable again soon.

It’s a difficult time that has little to do with my transition itself, but I will get through it eventually. And perhaps then I will elaborate on this more. It’s that time where I need a break, and it’s quite difficult to relax.

Perhaps what I need is to get out somewhere, and enjoy the moment.



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