May 26, 2017


I’ve noticed hair growing in places I’ve never expected it to grow. I mean, inner side of an elbow? The inner sides of my arms have been so naked that I thought they would never have hair. I was in for a surprise, huh.

There were some not very fun moments at work. Whenever someone new joins our company, they go around with a list of names to collect signatures and meet people. It’s not a bad idea, right? But not when my legal name is on it + biological gender (sex). I always tell them to call me by my preferred name, and I even write it down next to my birth name.

Technically, it’s not a big deal. I just wish the list was different, or included preferred names too. Why even include the sex? I don’t even know. I just really dread those moments when people come with that list. Most people don’t understand why things like these are a big deal to me when I mention that it bugs me. But on the bright side, it teaches me to feel more confident and assert myself as… myself.

It was time for my testosterone (T) shot. Time sure flies! It’s been four weeks since my last shot. I was wondering if I’ve been calculating all this correctly. I realized I never really asked if once a month meant every four weeks. But then I remembered that when I last saw my doctor, I asked when I should take my next T shot, if it’s been two weeks. They said to do it in another two weeks. That means I am doing it right. Anyway, my T shot routine went well. I kind of enjoy it and take my time doing it. It wasn’t painful, and there was a bit of blood.

I was also wondering how to deal with that female to male bathroom transition at work. And then it occurred to me – why not use the public group chat we have for our department at work? I could explain everything to everyone at once, and tell them to use the right pronouns while at it. That way I can avoid explaining it to every person I would bump into in the bathroom. Some people will probably still wonder what the hell is going on, and might ask me questions. But yeah… I am changing. I need to just put it out there. This is what’s happening. Please respect me. Thank you.

I did not decide when I will do this announcement yet. I am still building up my courage. I will do it whenever I feel I am ready. It’s just a bit funny that I didn’t think of this before and was twisting my head thinking of how to deal with this.



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