April 21, 2017


My chin was strangely itchy. It was also slightly painful to lean on. I was wondering what’s going on with this. There’s no firm hair sprouting out yet. Also I got suspicious of my face shape, which appears to be slightly different. However, I am not sure. Maybe I’m dreaming.

My chin still felt sore when I was leaning on it. And, I suppose, my face isn’t as soft anymore. I’ve also been wondering if my voice is going to drop more. It feels as if it’s set in, but it’s too early to think it’s done dropping, I guess.

My voice sounded slightly different in the morning. I guess that validates that my worries are just worries. I mean, I sure wish for my voice to drop even more. It has only been three months since I’ve started my hormone replacement therapy.

I was also touching my mustache randomly and the hair feels so much thicker than before, but it’s still pretty soft. In a way I’m excited to start growing a beard, but I also have no idea how to shave my face. It’s gonna be fun.

Next week it’s time for my next shot.



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