April 14, 2017


I had a strangely short fuse. I got easily pissed off at things that I would normally let go. But I guess I was just in a mood? It’s nothing new for me, so I doubt it was because of the testosterone (T). I must note though, I am usually a calm person. But some things do grind my gears. Other than that, I’ve noticed hair growing on my back too. And the fuzz on my face is starting to look like a light soft fuzzy beard. Fur times!

It was time to see the doctor. I really screwed myself over by going to bed late, and then almost overslept. But my visit went well. My blood test results came out fine too. The doctor noticed a change in my voice immediately and said the difference in me is evident. And since my test results were fine, I will only need to see him again in six months. I got my T dosage for six months too. Based on my T levels, I am to inject once a month now.

I also increasingly enjoy singing and recording my voice. I feel less and less shy about talking to people, especially online. On the phone, not so much. But that has improved too. As a result, my theory about me having anxiety attacks if someone wanted to voice chat being related to my voice has been partly confirmed. I’m still hesitant to pick up the phone at times. So either I will remain a weirdo about this, or eventually I will be confident enough to lose all worries about my voice and human interactions.

Overall, I feel great. My main challenge physically is still weight loss. My attempts to commit to working out have failed numerous times. And I am often too lazy to do anything after work., so even my food choices suffer at times. Losing weight would help with looking more masculine, and more importantly – my health. Sometimes I do wonder if there’s anything to be done at all about my flabby body, but then I remember I am not putting enough effort into that to begin with.

Maybe I should just keep trying. But for now, I need some good rest.

P.S. I bought a microphone so I could record my voice better, singing included.



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