April 7, 2017


I felt slight soreness in my right thigh where I did my testosterone (T) shot. Noticed no new pimples emerging, which I thought could happen after a T shot. Period is still gone, which is also fantastic.

My thigh was a bit more sore. But that was all gone the next day. Nothing else special or notable was going on, other than an increase in libido. But I’ve been sick too, so I am not sure if it’s just because I have recovered, or of the T shot. Could be both. Doesn’t matter.

I had a funny thing happen. I emptied the water container at work and I was getting ready to change it. Coworkers were ready to help me with that, or more like… ready to do it for me. But I was like “no”. And so I did it. Much to their surprise? I am not sure if it’s because they think I am girl and don’t know I am transgender yet, but me picking up a full container of water like it’s nothing seemed… impressive, for the lack of better words. I had lots of fun doing that though.

I had another funny thing happen. I get my packages delivered to work usually, since delivery people wouldn’t ever find me home during working hours anyway. One person who deals with packages called me to let me know my package arrived. They were making sure if it’s really me on the phone. And when I went there, they expressed a strange excitement and surprise. All because my voice sounded so “muscular” on the phone.

I woke up with a sore throat. I wondered if I am getting sick again, or it’s just the T working its magic. I didn’t notice my voice any different than it already was. The soreness went away by the end of the day, but it also sounded a little bit different when I came home in the evening. Unless it was my imagination? Most importantly, it looks like I’m not sick.

Next week it’s time to see the doctor again.



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