March 31, 2017


I had something annoying, yet funny happen to me due to my voice. I needed to do some phone banking, get the bank customer service to help me with something, but I was denied any assistance due to not sounding feminine enough. Yep. They insisted my account was registered under a female person, and thus they could not verify with my voice.

In a way, it’s funny. But yeah, the situation is also annoying. Do note that there is no such thing as voice verification. They ask certain questions that only the account holder is supposed to know to verify, but they didn’t even ask that. I just didn’t sound feminine enough to them. Cool for me, I guess.

That was the highlight of my week. I don’t really feel like my voice has dropped that much, but maybe it’s because I hear myself speak every day and have already gotten used to it. After the call I also tried to talk in a higher tone to see if I can call them again and “pretend” to be myself, but I just sounded really… funny. Overall, I am glad about my voice, of course.

I noticed a wild long dark hair under my chin. Or… on my chin? Whatever. It’s just… one lone, but pretty long dark hair. My face in general, as is the rest of my body, getting pretty furry. Most new hair is still light, and existing hair that is light is turning dark. And it’s only the beginning. I’m just gonna be a furball, I guess.

I met someone whom I haven’t seen for about a month. They’ve noticed the change in my voice immediately. So that must confirm the theory that most people, even myself at times, cannot notice the difference immediately, because I am just slowly changing in their eyes. And they probably don’t really care that much anyway. Or some people just don’t say a thing, even if they do notice. That’s what I tend to do a lot too.

It was time for my last testosterone (T) shot of my first prescription. Which also means that it’s been almost 3 months since I’ve started T. In another two weeks I am seeing the doctor again to get my T levels tested and get more of that awesome juice. Time flies, but also it seems like it’s been… forever.

The injection itself went great. No pain, not even a drop of blood this time. I’ve got this! Born to stab myself graciously! Yeah, just being silly. I just wonder how it will be later on when I will probably get a different dosage of T, and how I will get that right. But whatever. I can do this.

More exciting things are ahead.



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