March 17, 2017


I noticed that my metabolism got faster. But I would account that to the better quality food that I have been eating. And eating spicy does the trick too. Other than that, nothing else significant happened.

I felt like my voice has set in more. Yet there were some embarrassing squeaky moments to go through. Also noticed even more body hair on my legs, arms, chest, tummy, etc.

A really nasty cough started plaguing me. At first it wasn’t happening too often. I thought, maybe it’s a part of my transition? However, the cough was coming from somewhere deep in my throat. Not my lungs. And in the morning I couldn’t speak properly, only whisper. Voice came back soon, but still wasn’t fun.

I wasn’t feeling too great due to the cough and all, so I went to buy some lozenges. I had a really awkward moment with the cashier due to my coworker being there and calling me by female pronouns when the cashier thought I was male. Only a handful of people know I am transitioning and this person wasn’t it, so can’t blame them. I was just annoyed at myself, because I didn’t say anything when the cashier started apologizing for calling me a Sir. I should’ve told them they weren’t wrong.

Trial and error, I guess… I still need to learn how to handle situations like this. And I still need to gain more confidence in myself. Most of the time I’m just too anxious to say, or do anything to get myself out of such awkwardness. Some of the regrets I have are related to things like these.

I hope to get better at this.



One thought on “March 17, 2017

  1. janitorqueer says:

    correcting people in-the-moment and asserting pronouns is one of the hardest things about socially transitioning! I generally just pick and choose – like, if I’m not likely to see the person again, or only very rarely, I don’t say anything because it’s too draining. And I just let myself off the hook for it. If it’s someone I’ll see regularly, I do make the effort or ask someone else to let them know for me…

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