March 3, 2017


I’ve noticed some hair on my body turn darker. I had hair on my arms and thighs before starting testosterone (T), but it’s been pretty much invisible due to being very light. Now it was starting to turn dark.

It was time for my next T shot. Everything went well like the other times before. My voice has been fluctuating the whole week and it seemed to be rising up again. However, even if it rose, it wasn’t getting back to its previous state anymore. So overall, it has settled in to a certain point. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna drop way more eventually.

I’ve also acknowledged my mustache. It’s actually nothing new. I always had a bit of a fuzzy mustache, but it’s turned darker. I’ve also noticed more fuzz appear not only on my face, but also on my chest and stomach. Having hair below my belly button and on my chest is also nothing new. I had some of that (dark as well) before starting T, but more was incoming it seems.

I’m actually surprised I’ve been seeing and experiencing changes this fast. I was ready to be really patient. I do wish my voice would drop more sooner, even if I feel awkward around people whom I have to deal with every day. They will probably be wondering what’s happening soon.

That aside, I’ve been feeling increasingly uncomfortable at the female bathroom at work. But I also can’t go to the male bathroom. It’s a tricky situation to navigate when not everyone knows about my transition there yet. Perhaps this in-between period where I am kind of appearing like both and neither is going to be the toughest.

It feels like a lot of time has passed already, but it’s only been about a month and a half.



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