February 3, 2017


I had my biggest voice drop yet. I woke up with my voice significantly down without any effort to try and talk in a lower tone. It was my default voice! I was so happy and excited about it. Too bad it only lasted about half a day. My leg muscle was pretty sore, but it wasn’t too bad.

My voice was up again. I just noticed fluctuations in the tone. My hunger appeared to be not as crazy anymore and I’ve noticed an increase in acne. The acne wasn’t too extreme, but I’ve also started a face cleansing routine. I got myself some products with tea tree oil to help keep my face clear and healthy. My skin has gotten oilier, but I always had a pretty oily skin to begin with.

I’ve observed the continuation of the previous tendencies. A bit more acne kept appearing and my voice kept fluctuating. My hunger also remained normal. The crazy appetite seemed to have settled down.

It was time for 4th testosterone (T) shot. It went well. It seems that I am pretty good at taking care of myself and getting this right so far. Apart from that, I was preparing to fly. I had a tedious and uncomfortable journey ahead. And I just had no idea what awaited me back home, with my family.

I was just hoping for the best.



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