January 27, 2017


I was feeling SO hungry. Which was a common trend at the time anyway. It made me worry that I will gain a lot of weight again. I could hardly control myself and wanted to eat everything in my sight. But my metabolism seemed to have gotten faster. Yet I was craving for junk food, and I really wanted chicken. Prior to starting testosterone (T) I was eating a lot of vegetables and my meat intake dropped dramatically, but then the crazy chicken cravings started. I literally went to one of my favorite restaurants that day and got myself two pieces of delicious spicy chicken! Plus some rice and vegetables. It was bliss.

Food aside, my leg muscle felt sore where I injected the T. Generally, I felt fine. No other pain or issues. The soreness didn’t stop me from doing any of my usual activities and just going on with my daily life.

I was still feeling crazy hungry. And was still worried about gaining weight. I also kept thinking about my food choices. They weren’t the healthiest. Apart from food cravings, I was experiencing a dramatic increase in my libido.

Another thing that was happening, was some slight changes in my voice. I was clearing my throat all day. My voice was kind of all over the place and it was easier to speak in a lower tone. It was going lower at times, but it wasn’t settling down yet.

I was still battling food cravings. I kept wanting chicken and it was difficult to resist junk food. It was also difficult to stop eating. My throat was a bit sore in the morning that day. My voice sounded slightly deeper at times. Nothing else significant or eventful happened.

It was time for my 3rd T shot. Now I had to inject the T into my left leg, so my right leg muscle could rest. There was a bit of blood again after pulling out the needle, but despite my worries, I did it right.

It hasn’t been that long yet, but it felt like it’s been… months? I had to arm myself with patience though. My voice, despite the fluctuations, was not settling down anytime soon. It was the change I was looking forward to the most at that point.

And then… Then more challenges were awaiting for me. But with determination I was going forward. Instead of worrying, I decided to just deal with things as they come. Worrying is truly pointless.



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