January 13, 2017


This is the day I got my first testosterone (T) injection.

On January 6, 2017 I went to see an endocrinologist for the first time. I was anxious, nervous, worried and hopeful at the same time. Before I could proceed with the next step, I had to get my blood tested. It was necessary to determine, if there were any health issues that could prevent me from starting hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

My first visit to the doctor was a pleasant experience. They did not misgender me and addressed me by my chosen name. After a brief explanation on what to expect, I got my blood taken by a nurse and made my next appointment. I was looking forward to it and hoped my blood results would show I’m good to go. At the end of the day, I decided to start a journal about my journey.

On my second visit on January 13, 2017 I was feeling less nervous, but I was still a bit scared, yet excited to find out my blood test results. The results turned out to be good! I was good to go with T. I received 3 months worth of T and got my very first shot. I felt extremely happy and optimistic about my future.

After that I went back to work and told my supervisor what was up with me. It went well. Even if I was slightly freaking out, because I was still getting used to explaining to people that I am transgender.

Soon after, I finished planning my trip back home. To visit my family for the first time in more than 3 years. And they didn’t know about me yet. I had no idea how I was going to tell them. I just knew I had to tell them, because very soon it was going to be obvious.

Despite any worries, it was a really amazing day. It was the beginning of the next stage of my journey. The journey to myself.



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