The Dream Formula


I kept dreaming and dreaming and dreaming… But it all remained just dreams. Until I took a step towards my dreams.

I would like to tell you how it all began. This special journey of mine. I would say it started not that long ago, but the roots go deep.

Since I was a child, I felt different. I pondered on life and my own existence. I watched people live their lives more or the less the same, like all the rest.

Couldn’t it be different? Why does it have to be that way?

Just a couple of the many questions I’ve asked myself. And I couldn’t see myself doing all the things most people did.

You see, the society makes us believe that we should live a certain way, and when we deviate from the path that has been set for us, we get cast out. But you know, that’s where all the fun really is. Beyond the fences of the rules that are meant to keep us at bay.

All I have ever dreamed of, deep within my soul, was happiness and freedom.

But what is happiness? And what does it take to be truly free?

The pursuit for answers to these questions and the hunger for something more in life has led me right here. And this is far from the last stop.

So where am I right now and how did I get here?

About 4 years ago I made a decision to change my life. I’ve been wanting this for years. I was unhappy and I wanted to escape. On top of everything I discovered I was transgender years before that. There was no way for me to let my true self shine back then and I needed to do something about it.

After the decision was made, I took a series of actions to make it a reality. And so, in 2013 I got on a plane with only one luggage and my dream of a different life. I landed in a whole other continent and my life was never the same again.

It felt unreal. It felt like I was dreaming. As if I was in a dream.

I must admit it still feels like this sometimes. Especially, when I achieve something I’ve been wanting to achieve for so long.

There have been great times, and there have been struggles. But ultimately, I’ve never been happier. I kept going forward ever since. Always closer to my goals.

I discovered even more than I have ever imagined.

Some things are already behind me, and some things have just begun. There will be more struggles, and there will be more amazing moments to enjoy.

A different life?
Becoming my true self?
Work In Progress.
Growing as a person and improving myself?
Work In Progress.
Inspiring others?
Work In Progress.

And there is more. Always.



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